Thieves Using High Tech Device To Steal Credit Card Information

Thursday, May 16th 2013, 10:34 pm
By: Karl Torp

We protect our credit cards because all crooks need is a couple minutes with them to rip us off. But the newest type of pickpocketing can take place in seconds without our credit cards ever leaving our possession.

It's all thanks to a growing technology. A new way credit card companies are allowing us to pay.

It's made possible because what's called RFID: Radio Frequency Identification. Instead of just being able to swipe your card, a radio chip in some credit cards allows you to just wave it to pay. It's convenient for us, but can be dangerous. Thieves with a wireless card reader can steal our credit card information with a wave across our purse or wallet.

Learn about products that help to prevent electronic pickpocketing

Credit card security expert Walt Augustinowicz is on a mission to show people all over the country how easy it is to hijack our information.

"The main reason we are out there is to let people know they have the dangerous product in the wallet and they don't even know it," Augustinowicz said.

So how do we know if our card shave the RFID chip? Look for a symbol on the back of the card with three or four curved lines.

How do we keep RFID cards safe?

* One way is to stack them together making it harder for a scanner to read the data

* Try wrapping them in foil before putting them in your wallet

* For advanced protection, buy a special shield that holds your credit cards. There are many companies that sell them