Plaza Towers Teachers & Families Share Special Reunion

Thursday, May 23rd 2013, 7:00 pm
By: News 9

Many teachers have been called heroes this week, especially the those who used themselves as human shields to protect their students during Monday's deadly tornado.

Thursday, many of them got the chance to say goodbye for the summer. And News 9's Abby Broyles was there for the reunions.

At Eastlake Elementary in Moore, parents brought their kids from Plaza Towers Elementary for a special reunion. This is the first time they're reuniting since Monday's devastating tornado hit their school.

Bright colored balloons and banners of encouragement from other schools filled the halls. With therapy dogs on hand, the kids got a little love from man's best friend. These students from Plaza Towers Elementary got the chance to see each other again just in time for summer.

"It's a therapy for them to open up a little bit more about what happened," parent Maria Sanchez said.

For the third graders, it's been an especially difficult week. They lost several of their classmates in the tornado that destroyed their school.

"I just hope they're okay and glad to be alive, and that their family's okay," 3rd grade student Emily Stephens said.

Emily Stephens says she's been sad all week. But Thursday, seeing her teachers and friends brought a smile to her face.

"It makes me real glad because some of my house got ripped down," Stephens said.

The third grade classes took home carnations in memory of those who died. With hugs and comfort from loved ones, they can take the next step to move forward. Emily's thankful they have each other.

"It makes me glad to see my friends and that they're alive and that I'm alive," Stephens said.

Thursday, every child took home a stuffed animal and a backpack full of things for the summer.