Cochlear Device Survives Tornado, Allows Girl To Hear

Friday, May 24th 2013, 7:13 pm
By: News 9

Security cameras inside the Moore Medical Center captured the moment Monday's tornado that made a direct hit on the hospital. In a matter of minutes, the tornado had busted out windows and caused massive damage to the building.

But on Tuesday, staff members at the now destroyed Moore Medical Center found a hearing device buried in the rubble after the devastating EF5 tornado ripped through the area making a direct hit on the hospital.

"I was supposed to be in Moore, with Jayde. On Monday. That's when it hit me, 'wow I missed the plane that crashed,'" said Jaque Scholl.

Scholl's daughter was supposed to have a Cochlear implant procedure done on Monday. She said it was through some chance circumstances that she ended up canceling the implant surgery. They rescheduled it for Friday, but after the tornado hit, they assumed surgery was off again after seeing the extensive damage at the hospital.

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"Wednesday morning I got a text from Dr. Berryhill and it said, 'surgery is on for Friday,'" said Scholl.

"I told him exactly where it was," explained Shelly Raper, who worked at the Moore Medical Center. "They're held pretty securely because they're so valuable. So I had hope. I had hope."

The staff dug through debris and located the implant. It was still in the packaging. The company who made the implant tested the device and it was ready to go.

"Honestly I'm stunned, I'm shocked, I had no idea that anyone would be able to find the device, let alone that it was still intact. I mean that's crazy. You saw the building. That's crazy," said Scholl.

One of the surgical team members joined his colleagues for the procedure. He lost his car and has not had electricity in his home, but he still managed to show up to work on Friday for the surgery.

The Scholls said they could not describe how thankful they were that the hospital staff moved mountains to make this happen for their daughter, Jayde.