Choctaw Woman's Stolen Purse Found In Tornado Debris 4 Years Later

Monday, May 27th 2013, 7:18 pm
By: Karl Torp

One woman in Choctaw is thanking god for all that the tornado outbreak gave to her.

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Kellye Cloud had her purse stolen at a Walmart more than four years ago. This weekend, she received a call that the same purse had been found in the tornado debris near Little Axe.

"She went on to tell me they were looking through the wallet and everything was outdated by two years. I said ‘that's because it's been missing for four," Cloud said.

The purse still had pretty much everything inside with the exception of Cloud's checkbook.

Also in the purse was Kellye's old cell phone which was still had enough power to turn on. The phone contains text messages from Cloud's husband who passed away from cancer weeks before purse was taken in 2008.

"He was my soulmate. There won't be another Frank," Cloud said.

Cloud got another charger for the phone and plans to keep it has a reminder of her husband.

"I can't attribute it to anything but an act of God," Cloud said.