Moore Residents Helping Neighbors Affected By Tornado

Monday, May 27th 2013, 7:54 pm
By: News 9

Moore residents lost so much in last week's tornado, but many are lending a helping hand to their neighbors also devastated by the storm.

Pile after Pile, a group of Moore volunteers was determined to clear loads of debris off Little River Park.

Binh Du lost everything in the tornado, but instead of wallowing in a pit, he decided to pitch in.

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"Once most of the park was cleaned, we started walking around trying to see if anyone else needs help," Du said.

"Most of the stuff in my house is done."

Binh Du's 3-bedroom home took a beating in last week's tornado. He had co-workers and friends help him sift through debris, then he went door-to-door helping his neighbors do the same.

"There are people out there who may not have the same kind of help you know," Du said.

"So why just sit at home and do nothing when you can be out here working?"

Du and his friends spent hours with rakes and shovels in hand clearing storm-ravaged homes off Southwest 10th Street.

"We were close to the storm but not close enough to lose anything, and just feel guilty sitting at the house with power and cable and water," says volunteer Christian Servello.

"So we're just trying to help in any way that we can."

Layers of wreckage fill the streets of Du's neighborhood, but ask him if he's planning to move out of Moore, and he and many of his neighbors will say No in a heartbeat.

"I would rebuild, I mean I love it here," Du said. "I'd just have to rebuild."

And Binh Du and his friends say their volunteerism in this neighborhood isn't done this week, they plan on helping out until they see everything cleaned up.