Thunder Rewards Moore Teen Rescuer With New Shoes

Wednesday, May 29th 2013, 6:31 pm
By: News 9

Last Friday we told you about a young man who risked his own life to save two little girls at Plaza Towers elementary school. His phone, which was in his pocket, actually recorded audio as the rescue took place.

Well word got out, and his heroic action made quite an impact on all of us here at News 9, and with the OKC Thunder too.

Jacob watched as the tornado approached and was able to seek shelter in a neighbor's underground storm cellar. After the tornado hit his neighborhood, Jacob tried to save people, and he was wearing nothing but the shirt on his back, a pair of shorts and his prized basketball shoes.

And as you can imagine, they got trashed.

When he arrived at the school, he immediately went to work pulling children out of the debris. Those shoes will always be a reminder of that day. The shoes held up pretty well, despite the beating they took. But they can never be worn again.

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"There's nail holes all in here, my feet were getting torn up," said Jacob. "'I'm not going to throw them away. I'm going to keep them. [I] got a lot of memories with them!"

News 9 reached out to the OKC Thunder and told them Jacob's story. The organization not only got Jacob a replacement pair of shoes, they got him the latest, elite series shoes as well.

"It just really makes me happy that the Thunder would step up and show their appreciation this way," said Sheila Lyles, Jacob's proud momma. "He's such a sneaker head, that any new shoes in his collection [are] going to make his day, much less two pair. It is absolutely phenomenal!"

As cleanup continues in the Plaza Towers neighborhood, Jacob still has one more wish, to (re)-meet the two little girls he helped save. So if you know who these two little girls are, contact us here at News 9, so we can make this reunion happen.