Granite Block From Murrah Building Turns Up In Moore Debris

Wednesday, May 29th 2013, 7:38 pm
By: News 9

The winds were so strong, debris from the devastating May 20 tornado is now scattered across Moore.

As countless volunteers pitch in to collect personal items from the rubble, one remarkable story of recovery connects this disaster to another one from Oklahoma's past.

Neighbor helping neighbor, it's the Oklahoma standard at work. Volunteers are picking up what's left of homes, of lives, and, in one case, what's left from the tragedy that first defined the resilience of Oklahomans.

Following the Murrah Bombing, Oklahomans promised to never forget. And for some that meant taking a piece of it with them; the rubble a symbol of strength in the face of tragedy; a piece that would unexpectedly turn up amidst the debris of Oklahoma's most recent disaster.

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Chris Richards and his son uncovered a unique block of granite while picking through rubble in the disaster zone of the May 20 tornado.

On one side, a special inscription indicates this rock is a memento from the 4th floor elevator of the Murrah building.

The discovery inspired volunteers from Fresh Start Community Church in Moore, who spent the weekend working to recover personal items for tornado victims. Now Pastor Dave Dooley is dedicated to returning the rubble to its rightful owner, knowing it could be the missing piece that makes one storm victim feel whole again.

If you know who it belongs, please call Fresh Start Community Church in Moore at (405) 794-7313. We have not disclosed all of the markings on the granite, so you will be asked to provide more detail to claim it.