KC Non-Profit BBQ Company Provides Meals To Tornado Victims

Wednesday, May 29th 2013, 9:11 pm
By: News 9

Kansas City-based BBQ Relief, Inc. has produced more than 125,000 barbecue meals to Oklahoma tornado victims since last Tuesday. 

The non-profit company was founded two years ago, after the Joplin tornado. They've been smoking meat and handing out meals at seven locations around Moore.

Operation Barbecue Relief Founder Will Cleaver says the first wave of his team left Kansas City for Moore last Tuesday. He says he's extremely grateful Hillsdale College in Moore offered to house Operation Barbecue Relief volunteers.

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"That's been one of the nice things. We're used to going 24 or 36 hours or more without a shower at competition barbecues, so what Hillsdale is doing has been incredible." 

Operation Barbecue Relief volunteer Duke Spain drove his cooker, RV, other volunteers and supplies in all the way from Albertville, Ala. to help. 

"We feel very honored to do this," he said. "I see all these things taken away from other people, and it just breaks my heart to see things taken like that."