Oklahomans On Edge After Recent Spate Of Severe Weather

Wednesday, May 29th 2013, 9:22 pm
By: News 9

After Mondays monster storm, new threats of severe weather have some on high alert, and others just downright afraid.

Still in the height of storm season, families across the metro aren't taking severe weather, or tornado warnings lightly. Most are paying closer attention to weather reports.

Images of the Moore tornado are still fresh, and threats of severe weather like Wednesday night have people checking, and double checking plans in the event a major storm heads their way.

"We're not taking any chances. We were in the stairwell last week when the tornado hit Moore, and it's just a little too close for comfort if you know what I mean," said metro resident, Rena Fuson.

"Some of the people I work with lost everything. They lost their homes, their cars, everything," said Northwest OKC resident, Jackie Waldron. "So it makes it close to home."

Too close for comfort, that's how many people across the metro felt when that massive Ef-5 tornado ripped through Moore. And storm season isn't over yet. People have taken extra steps to make sure they're storm ready, more now, than ever.

"I'm always half paranoid anyway," said Mid City resident, Douglass McNair.

McNair, also a high school teacher, says being storm ready has constantly been on his mind, especially after last Monday's devastation.   

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"I've got a first-aid kit, I've got my flashlights ready and charged, and I've got the TV on," said McNair.  

So does Kim Ryan and her family who says the goal is to stay calm, but alert.

"I've already kind of thought about, do we have enough candles and matches and water in the cellar," said Ryan.

"More alert, but not any more alert than before," said Kim's husband, Sam. "We take things cautiously, but not fearful."

Which is key, both before and after a tornado. Being prepared and staying calm increases response time, enables you to make the right decisions, and often saves lives.

"We try to pay more attention, you know usually when the sirens go off, you don't really think that much about it most of the time," said Waldron. "We're kind of prepared about where to go and what we're going to do if something were to be right where we are."

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