Oklahoma Tornado Miracle Dog Defies The Odds

Monday, June 3rd 2013, 11:01 pm
By: News 9

She was impaled by a piece wood. First responders in Moore thought she wouldn't make it, but even an EF-5 tornado isn't strong enough to knock this girl out.

On May 20, News 9 was there to witness a life-saving operation with a sweet, well-mannered Timber Wolf mix named Tala. She was at the epicenter. Tala was impaled on her side, her liver was punctured and there was a deep cut from behind. Reserve Sheriff's deputy Dr. James Bugg worked to stop the bleeding while nurse Christina Mercer and others kept the dog calm.

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"It was just utter destruction," Bugg said. " … it was a war scene."

Mercer said things were different for her after she saw Tala.

"It was a game changer after that," Mercer said. "It hit home, and it really became real."

Bugg, a chiropractor by day, and Mercer, a pediatric nurse, were on the same rescue team. They did all they could for Tala, but they were not allowed to transport her to a veterinarian. Humans, obviously, had to come first. But, as the night wore on, someone in a pickup truck took the dog to the Boyer Veterinary Clinic, where several other animal victims were being treated.

"The dogs smelled dead, and that's how infected these wounds were in that short amount of time," Dr. Ron Boyer of Boyer Veterinarian Clinic said.

Without power, Boyer and his team worked with flashlights. Two of the animals didn't make it, but Tala held on.

"She's a fighter, and that's what her owner told us," Boyer said.

Boyer says Tala is doing great now. She is able to keep food down, and her wounds are healing nicely. She is expected to continue making a full recovery.

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"It's unbelievable where she's actually come," Mercer said.

Before the team left Tala, they said a prayer. The team members say it was a prayer that has turned into a happy ending.

"I just think it's a heartwarming story, and I was glad to be a part of it," Bugg said.

Tala wasn't able to eat for about a week after the tornado. She has been reunited with her owner, but she will stay with Boyer until her owner has a new place to call home.

The Central Humane Society has helped reunite 83 animals with their families, but there are still dozens in shelters waiting for their owners.

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