Oklahoma Storm Pets Still Searching For Their Homes

Thursday, June 6th 2013, 7:05 pm

They survived the storm. Many were rescued from the rubble. And they belong to someone.

Over a hundred families are still missing members after the recent storms. Not people, but pets that are waiting at shelters for someone to come get them.

The Animal Resource Center is one of three locations that are currently housing dogs and cats that were rescued from the storm. About half of the animals are here. On Thursday afternoon they had 59 dogs and about 30 cats.

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"Every animal who has been through here has been taken care of, they've been groomed, they've been someone's house pet," said Barbara Lewis, the President of the Animal Resource Center.

The injured animals have been patched up.

"We do have a small vet clinic here on site, more of a MASH unit that we're working out of," said Dr. Brad Roach, a local Veterinarian who is volunteering at the shelter.

Many animals were even given aroma-therapy to help ease their anxiety.

But most of the animals here, just seem to want to go home. Organizers say it's likely their owners don't know they're here.

"So many people, their houses were destroyed and I think they're not even looking for their pet because they're afraid that the pet has been destroyed with the house," said Lewis.

About 70 animals so far have been reunited with their families. But not without proof: a current picture, preferably with the rest of the family.

"You want to make sure the animals go back to the right person so we really sort of make them prove it's their animal," said Lewis.

Pet owners may look for their pets by visiting one of the following sheltering facilities:

Cleveland County Fairgrounds
615 East Robinson Street
Norman, OK 73071

Animal Resource Center (ARC)
7941 S I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

Oklahoma City Animal Shelter
2811 SE 29th St.
Oklahoma City, OK

Pet owners are asked to bring proof of ownership when claiming their pets such as veterinary records if available and/or photographs.

People may also search for their pets on the web by using www.okclostpets.com or http://www.oda.state.ok.us/tornado-relief.htm

The temporary animal shelters will remain open for families to claim their missing pets thru June 19. After that they will be put up for adoption.

News 9 Photojournalist Nick Arrington put together this video diary of all the dogs at the Animal Resource Center.