25 Vehicles On Moore Medical Property Still Unclaimed

Saturday, June 8th 2013, 11:08 pm
By: News 9

Moore Medical says it needs help finding the owners of 25 mangled vehicles that remain on its property, nearly three weeks after the deadly tornado.

The Hospital has announced it will demolish the building because it was too badly damaged to save, but first they've got to clear out all the cars.

In the aftermath of an Ef-5 tornado that killed 24 people, injured hundreds of others, and demolished entire blocks of homes; 244 vehicles ended up on hospital property. Many were mangled so badly you couldn't even read the VIN number on the dash.

Moore Medical Center Emergency Preparedness Director Shane Cohea says he found one car's engine and transmission 150 yards away from the vehicle itself. Somebody's Nissan Altima ended up on the roof.

"What I have told people is I have a vehicle that made it to the second story of the rooftop. Where they came from is unlimited," said Cohea.

Even though almost 220 vehicles have been claimed, there are still a couple dozen nobody has a clue who they belong to.  Moore Medical Center is encouraging anyone who's missing a vehicle and was in the area when the tornado hit to come by. One of these could be yours.

"It's a wound people are wanting to heal. They're wanting to start over and we need a lot of the vehicles to leave the property so we can start that process," said Cohea.

If your vehicle does end up in the impound lot, you will have to pay an "impounding fee."