Bikers Join In On Relief Effort In Bethel Acres

Monday, June 10th 2013, 7:33 pm

The scene as you pull into the Steerman Mobile Home park in Bethel Acres is not a typical one. The relief station is actually a camp kick-started and powered by bikers.

It's all under the leadership of Stick Keiner.

"We are people , we might be bikers but we are people too," said Keiner.

He directs traffic at the camp between phone calls, most about incoming supplies. Stick is with US Defenders, a biker group who usually helps with motorcycle rides and assists when there's a disaster.

But this: taking on the whole relief effort is new.

"We haven't, but it was needed here," said Keiner.

Stick says they have taken some criticism for their work here but not from the residents.

"I told them they was all heaven sent, angles with wings," said Darryn Cook, whose home was destroyed in the tornado.

Cook now lives in a tent where his home used to be.

Not too far from where Stick now sleeps, also in a tent.

His home is about 8 miles away and he lost most of his roof in the storm. But that he says is minor compared to this. And it will just have to wait.

"We're out here for the long term, we can't abandon anybody."

The group does not accept monetary donations. Only supplies.

You can keep up with what they need through their Facebook page!