Your 2 Cents: Kelly 'No-So-Twinkle Toes' Ogle

Thursday, June 13th 2013, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

After what we've been through we could all use a laugh, even if it's at my expense. I was off on Wednesday.

Here's why, as I posted on Facebook: "Had one of those wonderful slow-motion mishaps: Lost balance, fell in pool fully clothed, hurt ankle, drowned iPhone. Now, ankle's on ice... phone's in rice."

To which Ted responded: "But at least you don't have lice."

I have to say most of you were more compassionate with your responses, but a lot of you just couldn't help yourselves…

Like Suzie: "Love to see pic of that, would be great."

My buddy Meteorologist Michael Armstrong: "We don't want pictures, we want video!"

And Payton said: "Man can u say YouTube star! Woot Woot"

Rhonda: "Geez Kelly, sounds like something from the Hangover Movie lol."

And James begged: "OMG maybe a reenactment!"

Puhmela was helpful: "I can give you the name of a nice Assisted Living Center."

Larry too: "Maybe use a walker around the pool."

I think the Majors were TRYING to be nice: "You are Superman. You are not supposed to do DORKY things like that."

Several of you said: "You need to get u a life-proof case"

Finally, Joyce with this short and sweet little bit of encouragement: "Big Splash, I'll bet, Kelly."

I'm Kelly Ogle and YOU'RE all banned from my Facebook Page.