OK Family Who Lost 5 Loved Ones In Floods Struggles To Move Forward

Tuesday, June 18th 2013, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

A family who lost five relatives in flash flood waters after the recent tornados, struggles to move forward. A mother of four who lost two daughters of her own continues to try and stay strong for her other two children.

We've been keeping close tabs with the Shrum family. They've gone through a lot over the past few weeks especially after four members of their family were recovered from the Oklahoma River, three of which were small children.

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It was May 31 when 11 members of the family, six of those young children, took shelter in storm drains near the Dell Call Center under S.W. 15th Street.

"Every day we have a daily reminder because the tunnel is right behind the house, and that's not healthy for any of us," said Virginia Shrum.

Shrum and her fiancé, Alvin Hennington were there. Their 5-month-old baby Rose, spent nearly two weeks in intensive care and was on life support for more than three days. But, her three and four year old daughters, Terra and Destiny Shrum didn't make it. Their bodies were recovered several days later in the Oklahoma River.

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"It's hard, I mean, it's a constant reminder every time I look at the river, it relays in my mind over and over again," said Alvin Hennington.

"I want to move forward with my life. I'm always going to have the memory of having to bury two of my kids, on top of that, three siblings," said Shrum. "But I've got to move forward, I can't just linger in the past."

But, Virginia and Alvin are having a hard time moving forward. They're struggling to get the money they need to move to Michigan. That's where they feel they'll have a better footing to start over, it's also where Alvin has family he says are ready to support them.

"I'm hoping that I can get a fresh start, be able to provide for my family that I do still have," said Shrum.

"Basically we just need anything that can help me and my family," said Hennington.

Shrum's 6-month-old baby sister still hasn't been found.

If people want to donate to this family, they can go to any Bank of Oklahoma.  Alvin Hennington and Virginia Shrum's donations Fund: Account #: 309434790

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