Chickasha Man Arrested For Abusing 911 Call System

Thursday, June 20th 2013, 7:10 pm
By: News 9

An angry Chickasha man tied up the line by repeatedly calling 911.

A busy signal is not what anyone wants to hear when they call 911 in a time of crisis, but Chickasha Police say it's likely to happen when someone like Eddie Foster calls the number just to vent.

When the dispatcher asked Foster what was his emergency he replied, "It's going to be your emergency not mine."  

Foster then demanded Chickasha Police come to his house on Wednesday. Eventually they did, but only to arrest him.

"Whenever you have someone intoxicated, argumentative, rude and disrespectful, it's hard to communicate effectively with someone like that," Maj. Elip Moore said.

Moore says Foster called 911 several times. He was angry an officer had stopped his wife and issued her a warning for a traffic violation. The dispatcher warned him not call again and directed him to a non-emergency number, but Foster responded by saying it's the only phone he had to call.

Police say that's not true. Foster has called the non-emergency number thousands of times in the last decade, including the day of his arrest. Reports show Foster had been drinking and warned officers, "You don't want to make me go crazy tonight."

Chickasha Police arrested Foster for misusing 911. Officers say they have only picked up three people in the last 10 years for the same offense, but even one is too many because it can prevent others from reaching dispatch during an emergency.