Dean's Blog: Thunder's Chances Of Moving To No. 1 Unlikely But Intriguing

Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 5:52 pm

The chances are probably not very good that the Thunder will actually trade for Cleveland's first overall pick in Thursday's draft.

First, there's a chance the report is simply not 100 percent accurate. I mean, how many times have we known what Sam Presti was going to do? Second, at least two other teams are talking with the Cavs. Third, most believe Cleveland will keep its No. 1 pick.

Despite the fact the top of the draft is nothing special, I hope OKC pulls it off. Presti could wind up being the GM of the century. Imagine, KD, Russ, Serge and the No. 1 pick in the 2013 draft!

So what would Presti do with the pick? Who has him all excited? Who could be worth what would undoubtedly be a steep trade price? We're talking trading current and future picks and a current player or two -- and not dogs. Cavs aren't interested in dogs if they're parting ways with this pick.

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After researching and talking with three people who are quality sources and quality talent evaluators about what OKC might do, here's my take.

Taking a center is the most logical choice, although two shooting guards could look good in Thunder Blue. We all know OKC has sorely needed points in the post. That would help offset the seemingly inevitable loss of sixth man Kevin Martin and his 14 points. Score inside and KD and Russ should have more room to roam.

Nerlens Noel is projected to go No. 1 by most. But his negatives lead me to say he's not the guy. Can't score and is coming off an ACL surgery. I believe OKC is mostly likely to go with Alex Len from Maryland. The Maryland big man can score. A skilled big man with a good perimeter game, a nice passer out of the post and a good athlete for his size. He needs to add strength and to make defense a priority. But points and poise in the post makes him the guy.

Two shooting guards are intriguing to me. Victor Oladipo is a stud built in the Westbrook mode of attack, attack, attack and with a solid overall game with high character. Bringing him in could make things very interesting in the next few years in the backcourt.

KU's Ben McLemore is the other. The best talent in the draft, he'd be the answer as the perimeter shooter. Pure stroke. But several questions make it hard to believe OKC would sell the ranch to get a guy who is not assertive.

Gotta get back to work. Those are my ideas. I'd put the odds of OKC actually getting the No. 1 pick at below 20 percent. But it's fun to imagine what might happen. Because if Len were the real deal, OKC could make a run at titles beginning year after next. And be in the hunt for awhile. And that would increase the chances that KD would re-sign, which would mean Russ would likely do the same.

Dreaming..... DB