Conceptual Renderings Of Downtown Streetcar Routes Unveiled

Thursday, June 27th 2013, 5:35 pm

Oklahoma City's plans for streetcar service are getting closer to a reality. The project is one of the biggest MAPS 3 initiatives and now the city has revealed four route options.

When the project is complete you will be able catch one of five cars along the four-mile track.

"It will be track in the ground. The streetcar runs in mixed traffic along with vehicles," explained Lee Nichols, the Senior Planner with Jacobs.

View The Hybrid Alignment Route.

All the routes will connect Midtown and St. Anthony's Hospital campus, go through the downtown business district, right by Chesapeake Arena, the Cox Convention Center, and through Bricktown. The variances are where the track will wind through downtown.

The reverse LPA goes straight through Automobile Alley. So does the Zeta, but it also turns and skirts the Arts District. The Zeta Plus adds a loop by the new MAPS3 park.  And the Hybrid goes by the downtown transit center.

View The Zeta Route.

Still Nichols says his team didn't just take into consideration current landmarks, but projects in the pipeline and news ones that may come along for the ride.

"The streetcar provides permanency and developers like that.  We've seen that in Seattle and Portland where they've had huge amounts of economic development.  Amazon has committed to building their headquarters on the streetcar route in Seattle."

View The Zeta Plus Route.

A public meeting on the design concepts is scheduled for July 15th and the Public Library at 6 pm.

Nichols says they hope to have a design recommendation by the end of the Summer. Construction will start in 2015. And phase one is scheduled by be complete by 2017.

View The Reverse LPA Route