Pennsylvania Girl Brings Load Of Donations To OK Tornado Victims

Thursday, June 27th 2013, 6:36 pm
By: News 9

Thirteen year old Brie Wieler not only stands out in Oklahoma because of her northern accent, this young lady is truly unique for her age. She's already dedicated 50 hours' worth of work to help Oklahomans and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

"I just felt the need to help," Wieler said, when she put a plan into action.

The donations are now piled up as high as Brie Wieler is tall and then some.

"I didn't think it would be this much. I just thought it would be a car load or something," said Wieler. 

The 13-year-old will tell you the number is not necessarily what counts, instead it's the desire to make a difference

"Sometimes being 13 doesn't mean you can't do anything. You can do all kinds of stuff."

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Wieler collected water, food, clothes, and toys in Pennsylvania then made the trek half way across the country. She thinks the 24-hour trip was worth it.

Wieler dropped the donated goods off at ‘Donate to a Miracle' in Norman  a thrift store that gives away merchandise to those in need - especially tornado victims.

While volunteering, Wieler and her mom Sue do not get to see the people they were helping, but they know it's making an impact on those who lost everything.

"Just so excited she wanted to help somebody. You know not too many kids this age want to do that," said Sue.

Brie Wieler is perhaps more wise than her age and undoubtedly an inspiration for the store's mission, "Donate a Miracle."

Brie is a Girl Scout and for all of the hard work she will be receiving a silver award.