Residents Near Lake Hefner React To Sex Sting

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 8:13 pm
By: News 9

More than 30 men were arrested during an undercover sting at an Oklahoma Lake. They were busted for having sex in a public place, very near where many families bring their children to play.

Police were called out to Hobie Point after a father, who was out sailing with his two kids, encountered two men having sex right out in the open.

Lake Hefner is a place where many people come to relax, take the boat out, or bring their kids to play. But Oklahoma City police arrested several men who came to the Hobie Pointe area in search of sex.

"I'm glad that police did that," said Courtney Murray, who was visiting nearby Stars and Stripes Park. "Because, I mean, inappropriate behavior with all the children around, that's not acceptable."

Murray is a mother of an 11-month-old boy and 4-year-old boy. She was shocked to hear about so many men being arrested for engaging in an act of lewdness, especially so close to a park.

"In my opinion, they need to probably do something regularly to be able to eliminate some of that activity," said Murray.

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In this case, a total of 34 men were arrested during a four-day sweep. According to police reports, one man claimed he is a coach for Stillwater High School. But we checked and the school says he is not.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office confirms that another man was one of their jailers, but was fired on July 2. And another man claimed to work for the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. The hospital confirms he is a current employee.

One man claimed he worked for the Department of Health, and the state agency confirms that he is indeed one of their regional health consultants, who has worked for them for almost two years.

Now, Murray said she is just glad police conducted the sting and hopes it prevents other people from engaging in any more acts of public lewdness out there.

"Don't bring that kind of inappropriate behavior in publi,c you know?" said Murray. "That's something you do in your home on your own time, not with children around."

Police say they do regularly patrol the area, and do conduct undercover stings like this various times a year. Most of the men have bonded out of jail. Of the ones arrested, two were charged with possession of drugs, and one was wanted on a felony warrant.