Burglars Strike OKC Family Recovering From Storm Damage

Thursday, July 4th 2013, 7:03 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City family finished up repairs to their home last week following the flooding from the devastating May 31 storms. Then just days later, someone breaks in and cleans them out and this isn't the only trouble they're dealing with.

Michaela Warren says she's dealing with a series of setbacks this year. Her sister died from cancer in April, and she took in her teenage daughter. Also, her car broke down right before her home was flooded, so when thieves broke into her home Monday, she was overwhelmed.

It's been three days since burglars broke into Warren's home, and she's still frightened.

"I don't sleep at night now because I'm afraid someone's going to come through the door," Warren said.

Warren had just finished repairing flood damage to her home on SW 85th St. She had help from FEMA to replace her appliances and her grandson's toys. She took a train to Dallas over the weekend to pick up a car her brother gave her, but when she returned, her things were missing.

"Everything in the house, all the drawers were opened up. They had rummaged through all his clothes," Warren said. "They took his brand new shoes that I just bought, and he's an amputee. He has a prosthetic. So I can't just buy any pair of shoes."

Warren's two-year-old grandson Bryceson was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome and has developmental disabilities and is hearing impaired. Thieves took his special headphones and a device that helps him talk.

Warren was also heartbroken when she saw all her jewelry was stolen that belonged to her sister, who recently died of cancer.

"There were pictures in there and pieces from my grandmother I've had all my life and can't be replaced," Warren said. "If you steal from me, that's pretty bad. But to go and steal from a special needs baby, and you know that they're a special needs baby because there's pictures all over my wall, I just can't understand that."

Warren says she changed the locks to her home this week and installed a security system. Her neighbor across the street has surveillance cameras and turned the footage over to police.

Oklahoma City Police are investigating her case, but so far no arrests have been made.