Family On Both Sides Of Arcadia Homicide Investigation Speak Out

Friday, July 5th 2013, 10:16 pm
By: News 9

Family members of the brothers killed and the man police say they're looking for are speaking out. They say they are related through a cousin and share a deep past.

The families say one of the brothers, Diallo Scott, has child with a cousin of Garrett Harjo, who sheriff's deputies are looking for, but the Harjo family says they've had a grudge against the Scotts because they think Donald Scott is responsible for a relative's death four years ago.

"Garrett was taking up for the whole family, that's the way Garrett is, he's a protector," says Marty Harjo, Garrett Harjo's cousin.

She says a family feud is what sparked the Fourth of July shooting in small town Arcadia that left the two brothers, 39-year old Diallo Scott and 34-year-old Donald Scott dead in the street. The victims' stepfather says their mother is distraught.

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"She immediately took it very hard because she loved her kids," said Keith Hughes, the Scott's stepfather. "She always had and would do anything for them, and she was a good mother, and when this happened she was devastated."

Police say Garrett Harjo was a part of the Cripps gang, but Marty says he wasn't. Hughes says the Scott brothers left the Bloods years ago, and on Thursday, the two were trying to talk an Arcadia man out of joining the Cripps.

"They were trying to help a young man realize that this was not the path to go," Hughes said. "Therefore the other side didn't really see that point of view, so therefore, they took their lives."

Marty says Garrett was at her house five minutes before the shooting. She says Garrett went to their cousin Angie's house, where he ran into the Scott brothers and she says they got into a fight with Garrett.

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"It's the beginning of a chase and turning around, and it happened so fast, people saying all different stories, but don't nobody know. Nobody knows but him. But I want him to turn himself in," Marty said.

"I just want to tell Garrett, ‘I'll be here no matter what'. I'll tell him I love him all the time, and I do mean it Garrett, I just want you to call me let me know you're alright."

Hughes says Donald Scott's 4-year-old son Dominic saw his father shot dead in the street. Both families are pleading with friends and relatives on both sides not to retaliate.