Driver In Fatal Lake Eufaula Boating Accident Considers Turning Self In

Sunday, July 7th 2013, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has recovered the body of 55-year-old Gary McIninch in Lake Eufaula. While the driver of the boat that crashed into McIninch's has not come forward, there is new information in the fatal crash.

OHP received a phone call about this case from an attorney claiming to represent the boat driver who left the scene. That attorney contacted the McIntosh County district attorney about the accident to talk about the possibility of the client turning himself, or herself, in to authorities.

Meanwhile, the family is desperate for answers.

"There is a 20-foot ski boat that was on Eufaula. The description is that the dark color and a light color. It was 10 o'clock at night, and it ran over two boats and it needs to be found so we can come find out why this happened," Tracy Madden, the daughter of the victim, said.

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A boat on Lake Eufaula crashed into their family's boat on the Fourth of July, pushing their father in the water. He was missing until Saturday night when a vessel flagged down OHP  after discovering McIninch's body about a mile east of Eufaula Cove.

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"We're asking for help to find who did this," said McIninch's daughter, Tonia Foster. "And that's all we want is just help because we know it's possible if we just reach out and ask, please help us."

Although an attorney for a possible person of interest in the case has contacted the McIntosh County district attorney, nothing is known about that person, or troopers say they do not know if and when that driver will come forward.

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