Video Of Teenage Girls Fighting In Binger Prompts Investigation

Wednesday, July 10th 2013, 5:35 pm
By: News 9

The talk of the town Wednesday was a video posted on Facebook showing two Binger teenagers getting into a fight along Main Street in broad daylight.

Police said they were investigating the incident and would turn their findings over to the Caddo County District Attorney, possibly by the end of the day Wednesday.

People went about their business as usual, but several said they had heard about the fight or saw the cell phone video that was posted. All said, they were happy it was getting attention so other kids might learn that fights like this can have consequences.

Pastor Mark Price's Binger Baptist Church is just around the corner from where the fight took place. He said the video was disturbing to see. His biggest issue was that nobody stepped in to stop it, even as adults drove by.

"If we can stop it then there's nothing to do about it and now this thing could really chase this other girl down and could really cost her some things in life," he explained.

At one point in the video it appears the girl getting the brunt of the beating gives up. Off camera, however, you can hear a woman telling the girl to keep going as the other girl falls to the ground. That woman is allegedly the girl's mom, encouraging her daughter to keep hitting the other girl on the ground.

Police said details were limited because the investigation was on-going, but say they have been in contact with the girls and their parents.

In addition, Chief Bobby Lynn said justice would be served and the video would help his case as he presents it to the DA Chief Lynn would not speculate on what charges the people involved could face.

The district attorney's office will ultimately have to decide what charges, if any, should be filed and who to file them again.