Teenage Girls Involved In Binger Fight Just Want To Move On

Thursday, July 11th 2013, 6:19 pm
By: News 9

The video showing two teenage girls in a fist fight on Main Street has gone viral and now the girls involved are opening up about what went wrong and how they want to move forward from the fight.

The video was posted on Facebook after the fight, but has since been removed. It shows a scuffle between two 15-year-old girls, Aliyah White and Whitney Irvin, both from Binger. The girls exchange words for about a minute on video before White slugs Irvin in the face. Over the next 30 seconds or so, White can be seen in the video repeatedly slapping and punching.

Thursday, White sat down with News 9. She said the two had been exchanging words for the past few weeks and explained that after hearing racial slurs aimed at her, she finally reached her breaking point and went to confront Irvin.

Whitney Irvin said she is not a racist and that she did not want to fight when Aliyah confronted her. In fact, she explained that the two had been friends before and did not think the argument, which started over a boy, would escalate to throwing punches.

The two agreed that they wished it never happened and both said they wanted to move forward. Both girls admitted that there is blame to share.

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"I really wished I would have just talked it out with her instead of doing what I did and I know I'm going to have to face consequences," explained White.

"I would rather it, just everybody drop it and not say anything else about it and everybody just be friends again and not talk crap about anybody," Irvin added.

Irvin's mom said she did not blame White for acting out.

"She's a kid. Kids make mistakes," Irvin's mom said.

However, she was upset that White's mother did not step in when it escalated to violence. White mother can be heard cheering her daughter on in the video.

"There's adults that they would encourage that behavior on a child, that bothered me more than anything," she said.

White's mother told News 9 off camera she was sorry about not stopping the fight. Aliyah White apologized too.

"Bottom line I'm sorry. I mean I'm not meaning to represent Binger in any way that we're not a town that goes out and fights when someone says something."

The Caddo County District Attorney will ultimately decide what charges to file and who to file them against.