Out Of Town Volunteers Still Pouring In To Help Tornado Cleanup Efforts

Friday, July 12th 2013, 5:54 pm

It's been just over seven weeks now since the first tornado hit Moore but the nation hasn't forgotten.  In fact volunteers from across the country are still coming, by the hundreds, to help.

On Thursday, the Moore Landscape is dotted with piles of debris, broken trees, and the white shirts of volunteers from Berry College in Georgia.

"I just really wanted to do my part and give back," said JC Albritton, one of the Berry College volunteers.   "I think sending donations is important, but I think actually coming out and using your hands is very important."

The group of 13 college kids and four faculty arrived on Sunday to help with tornado cleanup.  When they're not working, they're staying at the City Rescue Mission.

"It's not the Holiday Inn, but it's better then sleeping in their cars or paying $50-$60 for a hotel room," explains City Rescue Mission President/CEO Tom Jones.

After the tornado hit, the mission converted their gym to a place for out of town volunteers to stay.

"What we found was we had thousands of volunteers coming in from all over the country and they just wanted to help and in many instances they didn't even set up a place to stay before they got here," said Jones.

Since then the shelter has provided a place to sleep, hot shower, and even meals for hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers. And they're not just working in Moore.

"Yesterday we worked all day cleaning fields out by El Reno in the farm field there," said Denver volunteer Troy Teeter.

Strangers from hundreds of miles away.  That have clearly left their mark in the neighborhoods and the hearts of those who they've helped.