Graduation Ceremony Held For Plaza Towers Students

Saturday, July 20th 2013, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

Plaza Towers students and family were thrilled to finally have the sixth grade graduation Saturday. It was originally scheduled for May 21, one day after a tornado tore down their school.

"It was just a huge relief because I thought we weren't going to have it," said graduate, Katelyn Jones.

Two months after a deadly Ef-5 tornado ripped Plaza Towers Elementary School, its sixth grade class finally got to graduate.

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"It was good to see them all one last time because I might not be able to see them again at the same junior high," Jones said.

About 60 sixth graders met at St. John's Lutheran Church in Moore filled with proud parents as each student received a certificate.

"Well I've been there since pre-k so I've been there my whole life so it was sad," said graduate, Trinity Gray.

The saddest part for many was remembering the seven students who won't be moving on to the next grade level.

"They've been on my mind every day and you can see it's still pretty raw for us all," said Plaza Towers principal, Amy Simpson.

One teacher's poem told of the student's perseverance: "You cried but you conquered, you did finish strong!"

"I think it's a testament to them that hard things do happen and tragedies take place and hard times fall on everybody. But I think this is a way for them to know that we can pick up and move again," said parent, Maylene Sorrels.

Plaza Towers students have a yearbook signing event next Thursday. Students continuing at Plaza Towers will go to central junior high next month.