'Justice For Trayvon Martin' Rally Held In Bricktown

Sunday, July 21st 2013, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

The setting in Bricktown Sunday had a familiar feel to it, as Oklahoma City joined a growing number of cities across the country hosting rallies calling for Justice for Trayvon Martin.

Sunday's march was organized by local supporters of Martin, who spread the word through social media. It was a peaceful protest as marchers cried for change. Crowds with decorative posters and t-shirts stood for one cause in downtown Oklahoma City.

"Protect our Children!" shouted the group of protesters.

"I have children, I have grandchildren, I even have a great grandson, and I want a better world for them," said Donna Compton, a marcher who's also hospital chaplain.

The sidewalks were filled with parents, children and civil rights advocates rallying for a change in "Stand Your Ground" laws.

"Every one of us is a Trayvon when you have laws on the books that allow you to be able to kill in a so-called self-defense," said Garland Pruitt, President of the Oklahoma City branch of the NAACP.

"Nobody wants their kids or their grandkids to end up like this," said marcher and parent Jackie Pettit. "And we need to as a people to tell these 22 states in our America that we're not going to have it."

Covering each part of a popular Bricktown intersection in front of the Harkins Theatre,  protesters say they were chanting for justice.

"No Justice, no peace!"

Even though it's been over a week since a widely contested not guilty verdict came down in Florida in the Trayvon Martin v. George Zimmerman trial, many say they are "one" with Trayvon and feel protests like this one can make a difference.

"Whether or not it helps from a political point of view, I think it helps us as a community, a city and a state and as a nation all together," said Jesse Brown IV, a 15-year-old in high school. "Because it shows that even though one person has died, many people have come together."

Protesters say more Trayvon Martin marches are in the works. Many also went around passing out voter registration cards saying voting is the true key to political change.