OK Group Restores Family Photos Found Following Tornadoes

Monday, July 22nd 2013, 6:05 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

They were perhaps some of the most precious items lost in the recent tornadoes: those family photos.

The Oklahoma Disaster Photo Rescue Project has been collecting thousands of found photos since the days after the Moore tornado and now has started the process of cleaning them.

The photo restoration is being done at the Oklahoma School of Photography by volunteers. Most of the pictures are cleaned through the dry process using a used dryer sheet to clean off all the debris. But others especially if they are wet may need extra care.

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"If they're still wet and stuck together we can put them through an agitation process that can actually allow us to hopefully get them apart without further damage," explained Kristi Brummal, the manager of the Oklahoma School of Photography and the coordinator for the rescue project.

Once cleaned, the pictures will be sorted, put into a data base, given an individual number, and then posted on the project's web site. The photo's rightful owners can then come to a reunification day to pick them up. If the owner desires, the pictures can be digitally restored for free.

"This is a long process, we hope that everyone will be patient because we are taking very good care of the photos," said Angela Madory, the Project's PR Coordinator.

The group is still collecting photos, are also looking for volunteers to help clean the pictures as well as donations of used dryer sheets. Go to the group's Facebook page for more information.