OK Lawmakers Debate Over 'Stand Your Ground' Law After Zimmerman Verdict

Monday, July 22nd 2013, 6:21 pm
By: Karl Torp

The outcry over the controversial not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case has lawmakers in Oklahoma taking a closer look at the "Stand Your Ground" law.

"Is there a clear line on Stand Your Ground?," asked Oklahoma Representative Mike Shelton, (D) Oklahoma City, who is now calling for a legislative study into the law.

"It's my hope to take this opportunity to give people a voice whether they are for or against it," said Rep. Shelton.

Rep. Shelton is a registered gun owner who has been opposed to "Stand Your Ground" and "Make My Day" laws.

Rep. Shelton says the study may call for experts to come in and show neighbors and lawmakers when it's okay stand your ground and defend yourself.

The study may happen, but fellow lawmakers say it will do little to change current law.

"It doesn't put you above the law, but it stands with you when you use it," said Rep. Steve Vaughn, (R) Ponca City.

Rep. Vaughn authored legislation in 2010 to expand the "Stand Your Ground" law to the workplace.

Rep. Shelton hopes to launch his legislative study in November.