Big 12 Players, Coaches Sound Off On Bowlsby's Comments

Friday, July 26th 2013, 4:15 pm
By: News 9

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby sent shock wave through the college athletics world on Monday at Big 12 Media Days when he expressed a strong desire for "transformative change" within the NCAA. One of the biggest things he said was a desire for the five BCS conferences to break away and form their own division under the umbrella of the NCAA.

Bowlsby's desires have been echoed by all of the other BCS conference commissioners, most strongly by Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott on Thursday. Here's what some of the players and coaches in the Big 12 had to say about Bowlsby's comments.

Karl Joseph, safety, West Virginia

"I don't really like that because it takes away the opportunity from some of the smaller schools. Some of those smaller schools sometimes beat those big schools and get a name for themselves; schools like Wake Forest and schools like that. It takes away the exposure they (smaller schools) get. A lot of the players that go to the smaller schools, they end up being really good players in the NFL"

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Jeff Woody, running back, Iowa State

"I would say it's an excitement generator for the fans. It would probably make the muddy water a little bit clearer as far as the championship picture because it would allow for a cleaner playoff picture if that five conference thing were to occur. It really wouldn't make that much of a difference on a personal day-to-day basis of the student-athlete."

"I think it would be fair. Not to slight or take a jab at any of the non-BCS conference, but they don't have the income that we do as Big 12, SEC, Pac-12, ACC, Big 10 schools do to sustain a certain amount of expenditures and budgets. I would say it's a Chihuahua versus a German shepherd. It's the same animal but if you put them together, you wouldn't be able to see that they're exactly the same. A team like Tulsa, even though they're small, they can play with whoever they want to play with. It's not saying they can't do it, it's saying it's much more difficult for the average non-BCS conference team to do that."

Art Briles, head coach, Baylor

"Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. I like his (Bowlsby's) vision and I like his boldness. If it makes news for the Big 12, I liked it. We've got a guy that's not afraid to step out there. Is it all that bad? We're setting attendance records and there are people excited about the game we're playing."

Bob Stoops, head coach, Oklahoma

"Like everything else that's happened over the past few years it's worth considering. All the people governing the game and the universities, those are things you have to keep progressing with, with the way leagues are changing and recruiting rules and on and on."

Gabe Ikard, center, Oklahoma

"It'd be really interesting. It'd definitely make your schedule tougher. I don't know if I would want that. You play a couple of those nonconference games, whether they're really good teams or not good teams to see something you haven't seen to get you ready, make your preparation sharp. It kind of gets you ready to play some teams you've seen before. That'd be rough, real rough."