Your 2 Cents: Part Of Your Childhood That Blows Your Child's Mind

Tuesday, July 30th 2013, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

Every few days on Facebook I've started asking a question of the day. Lots of you responded to today's question, "what is one part of your childhood that blows your child's mind?"

I started it off by saying it blows my children's minds that we had a smoking area at school... then Judy who was a teacher at my school back wrote: "..the part that really blew my mind was that the vice principal was out there with the kids smoking."

To which Jimmy added: " school had the cigarette vending machine in the commons area."

Mark says his children can't believe: "16yr olds came to school with their shotguns mounted in the back window rack for hunting season."

Marie said: "That we heard the CRACK of the paddle regularly in the hallway.."

Lesa remembered: "Our phone was a party line, with four other families!"

Dennis' kids can't believe we.. "Only had 3 tv stations."

My kids, like Leslie's are stunned : "That the TV Channels went off at midnight."

Christin says: "..standing up in the seat next to my daddy while he drove."

It amazed Marta's kids that she rode.. " the back of pickups everywhere!"

Marilyn says: "People used to hitchhike.. And, some of us picked up hitchhikers.."

Robin's children can't imagine.. "Hearing your mom yell a block away that dinner was ready!"

And finally, it blows Cathey's kids minds that... "We never locked our doors anytime.."