My 2 Cents: Arkansas School District Pays To Arm Teachers

Wednesday, July 31st 2013, 10:34 pm
By: News 9

A nearby school district Superintendent followed the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre on TV with shock as we all did.

And when parents started questioning him, he decided the plan they had to protect their students in Clarksville, Ark. from an armed intruder, to lock the classroom doors, turn off the lights and hope for the best was no plan at all.

He knew Arkansas teachers and administrators are not allowed to carry guns at school, but Arkansas law does allow schools to have "armed security guards."

At least 20 Clarksville teachers, administrators and staff members volunteered to undergo 53 hours of training and become certified "armed security guards" who also teach and run the schools. They have received the same training as other armed security guards at malls, theaters, amusement parks, other places kids frequent.

The Clarksville district paid for it and then gave them $1,100 to buy a gun and a concealed carry holster. They will remain anonymous, but their schools will post signs on the door stating that there are armed security guards in the building.

No, of course I don't PREFER to have guns in school, but we can't be naive about what's happening. I applaud that superintendent for thinking outside of box to protect his students.

What do you parents out there think?