Your 2 Cents: Arkansas Teachers Armed

Monday, August 5th 2013, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

Over in Clarksville, Arkansas the school district has paid for at least 20 teachers and administrators to undergo training and become armed security guards in their schools as allowed under Arkansas State law.

It was an idea generated out of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre.

Marcus has doubts: "..having some teacher and all the stress in their personal lives and then go to teach.. ..will being armed be a good idea?"

Shawna from Newcastle writes: "My husband is a former police officer and now teaches.. I could see him volunteering to do the same."

David in Prague: "Your comment " to lock the classroom doors, turn off the lights and hope for the best was no plan at all" pretty well sums it up."

Rebecca from Harrah asks: "..will the district still be supportive IF an innocent child is killed in the crossfire?

Nora actually lives there and saw my commentary: "I am from Clarksville and applaud the school system for preparing for every parent's nightmare!"

Cindy says: "..our schools and teachers should not have to take on this kind of responsibility, but if they want to, then they should be able to."

But Steve from Del City thinks it's nuts: "Take one of the most stressful jobs there is and give them a gun. Real smart. The next school shooting will be by a teacher."

By the way, now the Arkansas Attorney General is questioning the legality of the program...