Security Stepped Up At Star Spencer High After Brawl Outside School

Friday, August 9th 2013, 5:39 pm
By: News 9

There was a major police presence at Star Spencer high school on Friday, this after three people were arrested during a fight Thursday night. Now the mother of a student involved in the fight is speaking out.

Larita Brown says she transferred her son, Donshea, from Douglas High School, and says that he is a student athlete and on the honor roll. She says gang members tried to recruit him, but he refused and that's what started the fight.

"He's been here about four days. He's not a gang banger," said Brown.

Brown says she transferred Donshea to Star Spencer, since she lives in the district. She says she had no idea the school had a reputation for having a problem with gangs. She says her son was ambushed by almost a dozen boys affiliated with a local gang.

"I want to know why they didn't choose to do anything about these boys then?" said Brown.

"When I came out it was eight boys waiting on me back there," said Donshea. "So, I was like ‘What do I do now?'"

Donshea and his mom say police only detained him and his cousins, who jumped in to defend him.

"They did not come up here to fight no kids. They came to get him out of a situation," said Brown.

"I'm the type of person that if I feel like I'm cornered, then yes I'm going to retaliate," said Donshea. "But if I can avoid a fight, I will avoid a fight. Honestly, avoid a fight."

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The Spencer police chief says gangs are a problem at the school, but says it's no worse than any other metro school. However, he says they are trying to do something about it.

"We've definitely beefed up our patrol. We've got our special response team of about five officers who will be kind of deployed throughout the school," said Spencer Police Chief, Virgil Green.

Add to that the presence of Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputies who will be here not just on Friday, but in the days and weeks to come.

"We want the kids to come to school to get their education and be in a safe environment. That's the main goal," Green said.

News 9 talked to another mother who says she pulled her kids out of Star Spencer because of the problem with gangs there.

"We've been having problems here in Spencer for a long time with gang bangers and so forth," said Chericka Leskey, who pulled her kids out of Star Spencer High School and transferred them to Jones High School. "We hope that the presence of the police will stay in our community to help the kids feel safe at school."

Brown says she too hopes police keep their police presence at the school, and that they actively investigate the students who ambushed her son. For now, her son is being held out of school until he can attend a hearing next Thursday.

Police tell News 9 in the past year they have had four crime reports filed at or around Star Spencer High, one for an assault and battery, one for drug arrest, one for an active warrant arrest and one for disturbing the peace.