Knight Named OU Starting QB

Tuesday, August 20th 2013, 6:56 pm

Sources have confirmed that Trevor Knight will be named OU's starting quarterback for the 2013 season.

The announcement is expected to come either Tuesday evening or Wednesday.

Knight has excelled during summer and fall preseason camp and is considered a dangerous runner and terrific passer who can make all the throws. The redshirt freshman has consistently made big plays with his arm but also his legs, something OU has not had in the Stoops era except in the year before Jason White tore up a knee.

OU worked on a lot of option football in the spring and although Knight excited the coaches with his dynamic playmaking, he was too inconsistent at that time to be named the starter.

Since fall, insiders confirm he's clearly outplayed junior Blake Bell, the presumptive starter.

Some insiders believe Knight is the best prospect the Sooners have seen since Sam Bradford.

I had felt all along it would be a difficult thing for the staff to go with anyone other than Bell. But after a source with knowledge told me yesterday that Knight was the guy, I upgraded my percentage of it happening from 20 to 51 percent. Now, inside sources say the announcement is imminent—not Friday or Saturday.

Going with a redshirt freshman over a popular junior who has paid his dues is dicey. It's sure to concern highly-touted younger QBs in the system—true freshman Cody Thomas, Kendal Thompson and a local hot-shot commit. But Bob Stoops knows that making tough decisions is absolutely mandatory, regardless of unfortunate consequences. With an unproven defense, scoring as many points as possible is the priority.

And the coaches are convinced that going with the surprising starter with loads of upside is in their best interest.

The Landry Jones style offense is out. A new mobile QB is in. Sooner fans hope the new man under and new offensive mentality is the difference between Knight and day.