Moore Church Gives Back To Victims Of May Tornado

Wednesday, August 21st 2013, 5:40 pm
By: News 9

Just past the three month mark since the May 20 tornado ripped through parts of Moore and the recovery effort is full-steam ahead in many places.

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For the Regency Park Baptist Church, it has been an overwhelming story of giving back to a community that gave them so much 14 years ago. Their church was flattened during the May 3, 1999 tornado and the past three months have been an opportunity for many in the congregation to return the favors they received years ago.

Pastor Keith Jacobs says members of the congregation have worked countless hours, sorted through 21 tons of food and cared for hundreds of out-of-state volunteers. The church is also housing a daycare that was damaged in the tornado. They've helped feed 5,000 people and clear debris. Church members have stepped up and done it all but they say the work has to continue.

"We're still seeing needs and they're still popping up and we're out there still trying to find people we can minister to and see what the needs are," said Pastor Jacobs. "And you know, the further away we get from it, the needs change,"

Jacobs recalls that it was church members who pushed leaders to rebuild their church while keeping in mind that another disaster would happen again.

"We put showers in, and the way they built the kitchen and the fellowship hall had in mind that if there was another disaster we would be here to help," explained Jacobs.

Fourteen years later, the church was ready to jump into action right after the tornado left the area.