Victim Talks About Encounter With Brazen Thief In NW OKC

Wednesday, August 21st 2013, 6:36 pm
By: News 9

A brazen thief is being held on a $278,000 bond and has a rap sheet a mile long.

Fortunately, police were able to find 26-year-old Kirt Lloyd Jr. and the stolen truck just hours after the holdup. News 9 talked to the victim about the bizarre robbery.

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Chris Shetley is glad he's got his Ford pickup truck back. It's a little messed up, and so is he. You see, the attacker hit him in the face before he took his truck. But Shetley fought back.

"I was trying to slam his head in the washer," said Shetley. "But I didn't get that done. He tripped me, and he run off with the keys."

Shetley says this man put on a straw hat on his head, and then covered up his mouth with his shirt. He says the robber also pretended to have a gun under his shirt.

"And when I see his hand, I knew he didn't have a gun," remembered Shetley.

Shetley was letting the dog out at his home off N.W. 55th Terrace when he was robbed. A neighbor had his security cameras rolling, and captured images of the robber as he entered Chris's garage.

When asked if he was scared, he replied, " I was mad! Mad!"

Police arrested Lloyd about 12 hours later on South Lake Hefner Drive. Police say he was driving slowly and appeared suspicious –so they ran the plates and discovered the truck was indeed stolen.

Chris was able to pick up his truck at the Oklahoma City police impound lot, and take stock of what had been done.

"He T-boned the bumper, as well as tore up the inside of the car," said Shetley. "There was no real damage, he just went through everything, took a whole bunch of my keys to my motor home and my travel trailer."

Shetley also discovered a boat oar, and a for sale sign in the cab, and a strange hitch on the back, none of which belong to him. But Chris is just glad this career criminal is back behind bars.

Lloyd is wanted for a string of charges including robbery, kidnapping and assault and battery. His criminal background goes all the way back to 2005.