Man Arrested Twice At Hobie Point For Lewd Acts Speaks Out

Friday, August 23rd 2013, 6:47 pm
By: News 9

Ten men are arrested after another undercover sex sting near Lake Hefner. A couple of the men arrested are "repeat offenders."

You might wonder why any of the men arrested would ever take a chance coming back out to Hobie Point, but they do. We talked to one of them in order to get some insight, but agreed to protect his identity in the process.

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The man says it's been more than ten years since he was arrested out here at Hobie Point for engaging in public lewdness. But this week, he was arrested again, for the very same thing.

Last month, more than 30 men were arrested for engaging in lewd acts out at Hobie Point.

Many parents are concerned that this kind of adult activity is happening so close to where their children come to play.

Police say they do these undercover stings whenever they get complaints from the public. And several parents and other people out there that we talked to say they are glad they do.