Police Investigate Rash Of Car Break-Ins In Edmond Neighborhood

Monday, August 26th 2013, 6:31 pm
By: News 9

Police are investigating a rash of "smash-and-grab" car break-ins in one Edmond neighborhood.

Police say overnight, thieves smashed out the windows of at least four cars in the Fairfax neighborhood, located near Covell and Coltraine near the Fairfax golf course. Police say the suspects managed to get their hands on a weapon and some police gear.

The Fairfax subdivision is a quiet, gated community. But neighbors here say that these gates have been staying open a lot longer than they are supposed to, especially in the evenings.

"I've noticed probably over the last couple of weeks, that the gate always seems to be open," said Bill Raymer, who has lived in the Fairfax neighborhood for the past eight years.

Although the neighborhood is located near the golf course and is pretty secluded, Raymer says he's seen and experienced his fair share of car break-ins.

"My wife's car was broken into," said Raymer. "So it doesn't surprise me."

But what did surprise him was to hear that an Edmond police officer, who lives just down the street, had her undercover car targeted.

"They broke out a back side window, took out a gas mask and some of our heavy body armor," said Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department.

Edmond police also found some of the officer's ammunition scattered along the driveway, and other items scattered along the backyard, as well as on the nearby fairway.

Police say the thieves also tried to get the officer's guns out of his car.

"You can see where they tried to pry it open, but couldn't get the racks open," Monroe said.

But police say the thieves did manage to take a pistol out of another neighbor's car. And that concerns homeowners like Raymer.

"When we were broken into, they took a laptop and just some general items out of the car," said Raymer. " But to hear the fact that they are after weapons, that can cause death, is scary."

Most of his neighbors are trusting enough to keep their garage doors open during the day. But that will most likely change after word gets out about the recent rash of smash and grabs.

Edmond police are hoping security cameras in use in the neighborhood will actually help them catch the culprits. Police are also asking anyone in the neighborhood with home security cameras on the outside of their property to contact them.