Bicyclist Injured In Hit-And-Run In SW OKC Speaks Out

Monday, August 26th 2013, 7:31 pm
By: News 9

A cyclist was hit by a car here in the metro, and police say this time it was intentional. The 22-year-old man had to undergo surgery after the crash shattered his leg. Monday, he talked only with News 9.

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The victim, Juan Lopez, says he just feels lucky to be alive after what happened. He was walking his bike along the street when a man drove right into him and took off.

Police have found the car, but the suspect is still on the run. A typical Sunday morning for Juan Lopez took a dangerous turn around 11 a.m.

"He tried to kill me, that's what I say. He tried to kill me," said Lopez. "This guy just tried to run us over. I don't know why."

It happened in the 700 block of S.W. 23rd Street. Juan was on his way to the nearby skate park with a friend when a car swerved toward them twice and circled back again.

"The last time he came at me he was going like 35-40 miles an hour, and he just got me," Lopez said.

Lopez says his leg ended up underneath the car, and it was the worst pain he's ever felt.

"I pulled up my pants and just saw a big hole in my leg," Lopez said.

Juan crawled to the grass as his friend called 911.

"I remember just trying to get out of the street any way I could because there were still cars coming," Lopez says. "I felt helpless, like I don't know why this guy would try to do this to me."

Lopez says he didn't recognize the driver or the car. He got a quick look and says the man was dressed like a cowboy.

"Everybody told me it could've been a lot worse and stuff. [I] just thank God I got a broken leg and that was it," Lopez said.

But with the driver still on the run, he's afraid for himself and anyone else.

"Hopefully we can catch this guy and get him off the streets before he runs somebody else over," Lopez said.

Doctors at OU Medical Center placed a rod in Lopez's leg, and he was in fair condition Monday afternoon. The driver's car, a white four door sedan, is now in police custody.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (405)-235-7300.

Lopez should be able to go home from the hospital this week, but doctors say he won't be able to walk on his right leg for months.