Young Boy Reaches Out To News 9 For Help

Thursday, September 26th 2013, 9:35 pm
By: News 9

Every now and then you find one of those kids; one who validates your faith in future generations. Only this time we didn't find him, he found us. And the letter this Edmond boy wrote left us overcome with emotion.

Read it and you'll understand why.

Read Tobias' letter to News 9.

The words, the penmanship are clearly those of a young child, but the compassion and caring speaks of a much older soul.

Little Tobias, 10, wants to be a pastor himself when he grows up. He says he wants to be an Army pastor, so he can minister to men dying on the front lines.

It's not uncommon for him to write encouraging notes to his hardworking single mom. He brings home good grades and sports trophies. But as remarkable as all that is, that's not why we went to his house.

His big brother, by a year, has been stricken with Cerebral Palsy. Titus can't walk, hear or eat food, but Tobias is determined his brother will get outside, have fun and feel the wind against his cheeks like the other kids do. And that's where the letter to us comes in.

Tobias has already been training for this race, running two miles pushing an empty infant stroller. He's never run the 3.1 miles he'll have to go Friday night, but he won't be stopped. It's about a little boy who has understanding beyond his years.  

And we're so happy to tell you that we contacted Oklahoma Able Tech, and we were there when they delivered a jogging stroller to Tobias and Titus Thursday afternoon, not a loaner, a keeper.

They've been practicing with it and will be at the starting line for their first race Friday night at John Marshall. And you know our cameras will be there too.