Police: Edmond Woman Thought Cars Were Bombs, May Have Been On Bath Salts

Monday, October 7th 2013, 12:59 pm
By: News 9

Edmond Police arrested a woman found walking along a busy street, talking about bombs and holding a naked baby.

A homeowner near Mesa Trail and N. Kelly Avenue arrived home the evening of October 4 and found a white Buick parked in the yard. A woman had gotten out of the car with a baby and walked away.

When the officer arrived, he found 20-year-old Desiree McCubbin holding the naked child, walking in traffic and trying to flag down passing cars. When the officer asked her what she was doing, McCubbin replied, "My friends have told me there are bombs on cars here."

The officer reported McCubbin was very emotional; she was visibly shaking and sweating heavily. The officer convinced her to sit in the back of his patrol car with the baby. The officer saw a diaper bag and a purse about 60 feet away. McCubbin confirmed they were hers but said someone put bombs in them. When the officer tried to retrieve them, McCubbin became so upset she began slamming the rear window of the patrol car.

The officer returned to his vehicle and noticed McCubbin had placed the baby on the seat, and had her left thigh resting on top of the baby's abdomen and pelvis. The officer removed the baby.

Another officer arrived and police attempted to handcuff McCubbin. She refused to cooperate and struggled with the officers. Police asked a bystander to hold the child while they gained control of McCubbin. They finally handcuffed her, and had to carry her back to the patrol car because she refused to walk.

McCubbin's behavior led police to believe she may have been using bath salts, so they called an EMSA crew to the scene. McCubbin would only tell police that she had taken Adderall and there were bombs on cars. She was taken to OU Medical Center.

After McCubbin was treated, she was arrested for public intoxication, obstruction, and child endangerment.

The baby's father came to the scene and took custody of the child. DHS was also contacted.