Mom Pleased By Money Donated For Moore School Shelters

Friday, November 15th 2013, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

Half a million dollars is being given to Moore public schools to help build storm shelters. It's part of an $800,000 grant. Parents say it's a step in the right direction, but of course, millions are still needed.

It's been a fight to get funding for storm shelters in every school in Moore and across the state.

"I shouldn't have to choose between keeping my kids safe in my classroom, and my son dying in his," said Plaza Towers Elementary Mother, and former Westmoore High School teacher, Danni Legg.  

A shelter has become a new source of peace for Danni Legg and her family. It was installed for free in her own back yard.

"If the alarms go off, we hear sirens, we know where to go," said Legg.

But Danni's concern doesn't end there. She's been pressing for funding to put shelters in every school in the state since her son Christopher died May 20. 

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"And I'm not just fighting for my children. I'm fighting for everybody's child. Because who wants to be the teacher that has to decide which kids go to the bathroom? Which kids have to hide in the classroom, underneath the desk?" asked Legg.

For the Shelter Oklahoma Schools organization, Friday's announcement is a big step toward the goal of protecting children. Moore is one of four districts to receive the $800,000 donation.

"This is actually something that should have been started in 1999 when the first May 3 tornado came through," said Legg.

For Danni, time is of the essence. She says just for Moore, it will take at least $7-million to get a shelter in every school.

"It's not happening fast enough," said Legg. "When the schools start opening this next year, how many schools are still without shelters?"

Moore Schools will receive its $500,000 grant Dec. 9th. Calumet, Drummond, and Western Heights Public schools will each receive $100,000 dollars. The Shelter Oklahoma Schools organization is collecting donations.

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