Union City Police Officer Arrested For Stealing Gun, Selling To Felon

Wednesday, January 15th 2014, 1:35 pm

A Union City police officer has been arrested for stealing a gun from a fellow police officer and then selling it to a known felon.

Scottie Brothers was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Canadian County Sheriff's deputies. Undersheriff Chris West says the victim in the case asked the CCSO to investigate after the Union City police chief refused to.

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According to West and the Probable Cause affidavit, Brothers stole at least one gun from fellow officer William Ingram while he was house sitting for Ingram in May of 2010. At the time Ingram noticed the gun was missing but thought he just misplaced it. 

Then in February of 2012, a felon called Ingram and said he had bought a gun from Brothers and it wasn't working. The felon asked Ingram if he could help him with it. When Ingram saw the gun he realized it was one of two that was missing from his house.

West says he went to the Union City police chief and asked him to investigate Brothers. But no investigation ever took place. So in November 2013 Ingram contacted the CCSO and asked them to investigate.

Brothers is facing two felony counts. Ingram is no longer with the Union City Police Department.

"In their absence they asked Scottie Brother, who was not only a co-worker but a friend if he would keep an eye on the house," said Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West.  

"He advised on several different occasions he tried to take these to his chief at Union City P.D. and met with resistance," said West.

After conducting their own investigation the Sheriff and his deputies arrested Brothers late Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning as Undersheriff Chris West laid out the bizarre details, Union City Councilman Larry Maples sat in the back of the room.

"I came here to learn for me what was going on and what happened," said Maples, who just leaned the full details of the case and of their police chief's alledged lack of investigation of the crimes.   "From a council standpoint I'm sure it will be an issue we will have to deal with."  

The Union City police chief is on medical leave.  

The felon in the case, cooperated with Ingram by agreeing to wear a wire during conversations with Brothers involving the gun.  He was not charged.

Ingram, who was the victim in this case, is no longer on the Union City Police Department.

The Union City Police Department released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"The officer has been suspended without pay until further notice. The department was aware of the allegations made against the officer. The alleged victim never filed an official complaint with this department. The police department was advised by legal counsel that a written complaint had to be filed. The police department was then going to turn the investigation over to Canadian County Sheriff's Office. The Union City Police Department has the utmost confidence in the justice system and believes the facts will be presented in court. The Union City Police Department is dedicated to serving our community with pride and will continue to do so." - Captain Robert Ague, Union City Police Department.