Proposed Oklahoma Law Requires 'Pledge Of Allegiance' At Schools

Monday, January 27th 2014, 7:57 pm
By: News 9

"Now stand for the Pledge of Allegiance." These are words most of us heard every day in school. But since some schools are deciding not to recite the pledge, Oklahoma lawmakers are worried.

Senator Rob Standridge calls it a history lesson in ten seconds. Once a guaranteed school activity will remain a guarantee, if the Pledge of Allegiance Bill is passed.

"It's not a policy, I think you had the right term, it's routine," said Western Heights Superintendent Joe Kitchens.

Since about the time the Western Heights school district was established, every morning, right after the first bell, the pledge of allegiance is recited.

"As far as I know it's always been that way and we are comfortable with it," said Kitchens. "I think it's our obligation to teach our children the heritage of our country and to take pride in it," said Kitchens.

Superintendent Joe Kitchens who posts the pledge in his office never recalls any objection to his school's K-12 routine.

"It would be good for all districts to do it and I hope they feel they can do it," Kitchens said.

But what's a comfortable routine for Western Heights could be made a requirement for every public elementary school.

"Maybe not all school districts are giving the opportunity to say the pledge," said District 15 Senator Rob Standridge.

So Senator Rob Standridge authored a bill that states. The pledge shall be recited once daily in public elementary schools and may be recited once daily in other public schools.

"I do feel like it's a parent-child decision not a school district decision," Standridge said.

It's a concern one Oklahoma parent understands, but not vital, texting, "Honestly I think it should be required but speaking bluntly I am frustrated with our lawmakers spending so much time and money writing irrelevant laws and not working in fixing the issues."

"It were to instill in our young people a conversation were our country came from, I think that's very valuable," Standridge said.

The bill also calls for a required American flag displayed either inside or outside every public school as well as instruction in the history of the American flag.

Also, high schools would not be required to recite the pledge every morning because high school class scheduling is not as "routine" for every student like elementary school.