OKC Woman Paralyzed By Armed Robber Needs Help

Monday, February 3rd 2014, 6:20 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police tell News 9 she is a true crime victim in every sense of the word.

And while a fund has been established to help meet her medical needs, no one has contributed a penny to the cause to help Cheryl Ruaylarp, who was shot and left paralyzed by a would be robber December 5, 2013.

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But now one group is trying to change that.

"Oh God I need help so so bad," said Ruaylarp, who is left bedridden because of her paralysis.

In fact she has to lay flat on her back most days to keep from getting sick.

"I've been trying to get a hospital bed, seems like a can't get anywhere," said Ruaylarp. "I've turned in an application it's been three weeks ago."

What's worse is she's starting to run out of things like medicine, adult diapers and even wipes - which she desperately needs, but can't afford.

And transportation is another issue.

"I don't have a handicapped van," said Ruaylarp. "I don't have the money for a handicapped van!"

They can't drive her car either, since it still has the bullet holes in the window, and blood on the seats, a gruesome reminder of what happened that dreadful day in December.

Cheryl and her husband were just pulling up into their driveway at their home when out of nowhere a man came from behind and pointed a gun at her head.

Cheryl's husband was not injured in the attack. Now he does what he can to help. But he's 64 and disabled and recently had a stroke. And his disability check only goes so far.

"Anyone, anyone that could help I'd be so appreciative," said Ruaylarp.

Fortunately, the Oklahoma branch of the Woodman of the World Association heard about what happened, and they want to help. They have shared Cheryl's story on their Redbasket.org website for the nation to see.

"Our goal is to raise $20,000 for her basically, help her in any which way that we can," said Justin Clough who is with the Oklahoma Chapter.

And Clough says 100 percent of those donations would go directly to help Cheryl. And if they could get 800 people to give just 25 dollars each, that could raise $20,000 almost overnight.

Cheryl says she could use help from any home health nurses who are willing to donate their time. If you would like to help, contact us here at News 9.

If you would like to make a donation, click here!