Metro Nonprofit Continues Services From Parking Lot After Building Floods

Tuesday, March 11th 2014, 11:22 pm
By: News 9

Despite the warm weather today, the cold blast that hit us last week is causing big problems right now for a metro nonprofit.

Busted pipes are forcing Infant Crisis Services to find a way to serve the community despite damage to their building.

Infant Crisis Services is a nonprofit organization that helps families and babies in need, but a crisis of its own meant serving people from the parking lot.

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Video surveillance showed how frigid weather shattered water pipes inside the Infant Crisis Services center.

"Irritating, but at the same time, it's Oklahoma and we have good weather, wonderful weather, and sometimes we have bad," said Infant Crisis Services Executive Director Miki Farris. "So, we take the good with the bad."

The "bad" was a busted sprinkler pipe that caused the check in-check out playroom to fill with five inches of water in about 20 minutes. The "good" was the resolve of the staff to keep serving hundreds of families.

"We were able to serve 200 babies, even through the back door, just meeting people at their car and giving them the goods," Farris said.

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They also served off the baby mobile in the parking lot, because the need never stops.

"There are people who still need them, even though they are experiencing their own tragedy," said Louise Elkins Alexander, who is helped by the center.

The center provides formula, diapers and food to babies and toddlers in need. Shutting down was never an option, because where else would those families turn?

"There is a certainty in life, and that is that they're always here to help you," Alexander said.

The staff expects to be back in the building by the end of the week.