OHP Supports Trooper's Decision To Continue High-Speed Chase

Friday, March 14th 2014, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9 followed Thursday's downtown chase from the beginning to the crashing end. A day later, we're hearing more about the suspect and the gutsy decisions made by the troopers involved.

38-year-old Monte Webb was the suspect in the high-speed chase that started in northeast Oklahoma City and ended near downtown on March 13. He has a long rap sheet dating back to 1996, and he now faces six more charges.

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When the chase started, all the troopers knew was they had someone in a truck speeding. Webb led troopers on a high-speed chase through city streets and interstates, reaching speeds up to 120 miles per hour and ending with a four car crash. Today, OHP supports the trooper's decision to continue the chase.

Lt. Brian Orr sat down with News 9 today to give a play-by-play of the chase footage.

"People run, because they're trying to get away from something, and it's more than just that traffic violation," Lt. Orr said.

With that in mind, this trooper decided to pursue Webb.

"Just because he terminates, doesn't always mean this guy is going to slow down," Lt. Orr added.

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At one moment during the chase, the trooper was on the radio with a supervisor. Together, they could have terminated the chase if they feared the public's safety was in danger, specifically in a school zone or a neighborhood.

"No…that's not worth killing someone for getting this guy right here," Lt. Orr said.

Neither issue was present yesterday. So in an attempt to end the chase, the trooper tried to spin the suspect with plenty of room in the intersection but couldn't do so due to the vehicles on both sides of Webb.

"He does the right thing, because if he's over here, what's he going to do…end up crashing into those vehicles," Lt. Orr stated.

At this point in the footage, Webb enters I-35 and heads toward Bricktown. Lt. Orr agreed with the decision to continue the chase.

"He is more or less likely to hurt someone out here than in a residential area," Lt. Orr added.

But when the suspect exits the interstate, that's when innocent people get hurt.

"We're trained not to show emotion so much, but does it upset us," said Lt. Orr. "Sure it does. We don't want anyone to get hurt."

Lt. Orr knows that doesn't sit well with any trooper.

"It's difficult at times," said Lt. Orr. "You want to get angry at times, but you want to control it. We have to understand it's a job."

There were no serious injuries in the crash, and the chase trooper's name has not been released.