Grandparents Charged For DUI With Grandbaby In Backseat

Monday, March 17th 2014, 7:23 pm
By: News 9

Grandparents arrested and charged for driving under influence of drugs and alcohol.

Grady County sheriff deputies arrested the Texas couple on March 15 near HW 81 and County Rd. 1230 in Grady County.

The victim in this case is only 10 months old and was in the care of his grandparents, William and Tayonie Harris, of Abilene, Texas.

During their road trip from Texas to Enid, Oklahoma, authorities stopped the couple for speeding and found much more.

"This is ridiculous to see a grandmother and grandfather driving down the highway endangering the life of a 10 month old child," District Attorney Jason Hicks applauded Grady County Sheriff's Deputies for arresting the couple during the routine traffic stop. "I believe they saved the life of a child."

Court papers showed the grandparents admitted to deputies they were drinking and smoking marijuana, while driving with their grandchild in the backseat.

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"This could have ended up a lot worse," Hicks affirmed he doesn't want to see it happen again.

Hicks charged the couple with felony counts of child neglect, child endangerment and possession of the drugs.

Prosecutors also requested their bond be set at $1 million each.

"I don't want them going anywhere," said Hicks, who is pleased with the Judge's decision to set the amount prosecutors recommended. "I want them to stay here, so we can ensure that we prosecute them and that justice is done." 

On the way back to jail, News 9 asked William Harris if he was sorry for endangering his grandbaby. Harris replied, "Of course." His wife, Tayonie, did not respond to our questioning.

If the couple posts their $1 million bonds, they will be required to wear GPS devices and must stay away from the victim in the case, their grandbaby.

DHS reportedly returned the child to his mother.

The couple is due back in court on April 9.